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Soft Girl Era - Discovery Set

Soft Girl Era - Discovery Set

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Our February wax party is here! 

It comes with 8 scents-of-the-month (12 grams of scented wax melts per cavity). A great way to explore our collection

Hi, Universe: berry, lemon, coconut, white amber

Vanilla Girl: honey, peach, gardenia, white clover, vanilla, sandalwood

Strawberries & Vanilla: strawberries, lemon, vanilla

That Girl: spiced santal, florals

Ms. Taffy: watermelon, lime, lemon, bergamot, marigold, musk, vanilla

Fancy Coffee Shop Cake: orange, apple, raspberries, musk, vanilla

Beach Day: coconut, sea salt, amber, orange, tonka bean

Lemon Drop: lemongrass, lemon, cotton candy, vanilla, 


our candles and wax melts are made of coconut-soy wax and phthalate-free fragrance oils.

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